Farid Hafez

Political Scientist, Visiting Professor of International Studies at Williams College, Senior Fellow at Bridge Initiative/Georgetown University

The (sexual) Inferiority Complex of White Supremacists: Charlottesville and the Call for ‘White Sharia’

Amidst all of the reactions to the violence in #Charlottesville last week, one thing you might not have heard about was the chanting of “White Sharia Now!” coming from the “Unite the Right” protesters.

What does that mean? The term “White Sharia” is being used as a misogynistic rally cry for white men who “feel abused by their white women” and are seeking to “re-establish control,” using an ironic mischaracterization of Sharia to call for extreme patriarchy. For a full explanation, read our latest analysis from Bridge’s Senior Research Fellow Farid Hafez.

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