Farid Hafez

Political Scientist, Visiting Professor of International Studies at Williams College, Senior Fellow at Bridge Initiative/Georgetown University

Swinging to the right: Austria bans face veils

It seems quite intentional that the ban on full-face veiling in public places, infamously known as the so called “Burka Ban,” came into force on Oct. 1, when Austria largely becomes cloudy, the sun fades away, and with all that, the high-time of tourism from the gulf countries is also gone. One last summer, the full-face veiled women with their families would be able to spend lots of money in the beautiful historical cities of Vienna, Salzburg, and other gulf-tourist hot spots like Zell am See. The ban on full-face veiling in public places affects more tourists than Austrians. In fact, only an estimated 100 – 150 Austrian Muslim women wear the full-face veil.

But the financial aspect may not be the most important one. On Oct. 15, the national elections are going to be held. Read full op-ed here.

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